Ron Paul Money Bomb Weblog


Welcome to the Ron Paul Money Bomb Weblog.

To find 40,000 solid volunteers to step up to the plate and donate $25 once per week, every week, to Dr. Ron Paul’s Presidential Campaign fund. ‘Bombs Away’ times and date will be provided to your email and posted on this website. Congressman Paul will be given a million dollar boost every single week. We are currently between 1000 and 2000 strong, growing rapidly sinse the success of last weeks bomb-drop.

Sure, this will provide the Ron Paul Presidential Run with funding, but it will force the main stream media take notice and will shake up the current RNC. and this website serve as a collective funnel for Ron Paul supporters who wish to perform sustained and repeat contributions with a ‘shock and awe’ characteristic. It is also hoped to encourage repeat contributions from persons who would otherwise have only contributed once.

If Presidential Candidate Ron Paul doesn’t receive ‘overwhelmingly’ overwhelming campaign contributions we may as well pack it in and vote for Jeb Bush. It is time to get hard-nosed and serious. Pay now with our wages or pay later with our liberties.

So, GET EXCITED, this is OUR time, let’s do this! Enlist Now, and let’s give ’em hell.

Next mass money bomb is on 30 October 2007 – Get signed up!

  • Eastern Time: 1:00-2:00 pm
  • Central Time: 12:00-1:00 pm
  • Mountain Time: 11:00 am – 12:00 pm
  • Pacific Time: 10:00 am – 11:00 am
  • Alaska Time: 9:00 – 10:00 am
  • Hawaii Time: 8:00 – 9:00 am
  • Overseas Donations: Anytime
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    6 Responses to “Ron Paul Money Bomb Weblog”

    1. 1 Jake

      Neat Christmas graphic switch on the site. I’m still concerned that Nov. 5 isn’t immediately and obviously prominent (wouldn’t want anyone to think we’re waiting until Christmas). Great site and it keeps getting better. Thanks again,

      Jake O.

    2. Thanks for your comments Jake. Ron Paul has a goal of $12 Million dollars by end of December. Hopefully we can put a good dent in that sum on November 5th.

      We must also plan for future drives. The website shows that we perform weekly money bombs, the next one being 5 November, and it also shows another donation drive in December.

      It is time to get the word out about the Ron Paul Money Bomb and The Christmas Eve Stocking stuffer for Ron Paul, because tomorrow is the 5th of November. The internet is quite saturated with Guy Fawkes Day and Ron Paul Mass donation.

      My quite real concern is that people will give each other a high five on the 6th of November. There is still much work to be done.

      I do appreciate your input Jake, perhaps you could help Ron Paul by ensuring that other donation drives, help the overall community of donation drives by advertising or thereby ensuring the perpetuation of future drives once the date November 5th comes and goes. Remember, this is all about ensuring Ron Paul generates enough capital to get the word out to those persons in our citizenry who have yet to awaken from their passive social slumber.

      Thanks again Jake,

      Eric Nordstrom

    3. 3 gt

      How about a weekly plan on the main site to show the following until its clean and happening

      8 million this week–nov 5th-nov 9th–remember the 5th theme
      9 million —nov 12-16th–veterans day theme
      10 million —nov 19-23rd–Thanksgiving theme
      11 million–nov 26-30th—“TBD theme”
      12 million Dec 3-7th–“TBD theme” –Fox Debate Dec 4th
      13 million Dec 10-14-“TBD theme”-? NH primary
      21 million Dec 15-21-****Patriot Donation Days(bill of rights day, D-Day/Tea party day)

      22 million Dec 24-31st-“”merry christmas and happy new year Ron”

    4. 4 James Cottrell

      Sunday Fundraisers never work ( NOV 11th)

      Mondays do! (NOV 5th)

      DEC 16th falls on SUNDAY (MISTAKE!!!)

      It needs to be on a MONDAY !!!!!

    5. It does not matter the day we have the money bomb because when they get setup we will be there either way. As shown in rain,snow or sunshine around the U.S. those who support Ron Paul are pretty dedicated as shown with those money bombs.

    6. 6 Charles

      FEAR NOT! CONTINUE TO SUPPORT THE MONEY BOMBS! SUPER TUESDAY WAS THE BEST THING THAT COULD HAVE HAPPENED! Consider: Romney and Huckabee will soon be FORCED to drop out, either in the immediate future or at the Republican convention. Then McCain will become the Republican nominee and SPLIT the Republican Party. In fact, people are already saying they’d rather vote for Hillary than McCain. Then WHOM do you think will be left to pick up the votes of all those disgruntled Republican voters? Answer: RON PAUL. Even if Ron Paul does not become president, his strong showing on November 4th will send a huge message to the Republican Party and the Neocons. THINGS WILL CHANGE! And more freedom-loving candidates will start running for office. THIS IS THE THE TIME TO GO ALL OUT. Never give up. Never surrender. WE WILL EVENTUALLY WIN. DONATE NOW!

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